The last few weeks have flown by!  I have had the honour of hosting the Chester & North Wales Law Society Dinner at Chester Race Course, I have been the Toastmaster and Auctioneer at Willington Hall  Cheshire for a Dinner to raise funds for the Liverpool Heart & Chest Hospital (over £5000 by the way) and I have been down to London to prepare for the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund Luncheon in the City of  London where I will be the Toastmaster and Auctioneer and  was informed that the target for the lunch was £100,000 for the Charity, no pressure there then!!

I have also recently seen 5 couples, to discuss their forthcoming weddings.  The first is at the end of March at Thornton Manor  Cheshire and the last is at the Mollington Banastre in October next year!

This has to be the best job in town, meeting fascinating people in beautiful surroundings and ensuring that everyone has a smile on their face, life couldn’t be better!!